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Experience the best in premium Gresham Oregon hair salons. Premium hair care in an intimate personalized setting.

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KM Hair Studio, the premium Gresham Oregon hair salons experience featuring Loma Beauty products.

Loma products are free of parabens, sodium chloride, gluten, soy, sulfates, phthalates, pesticides, formaldeyhde, hormones, synthetic fragrances & synthetic colors.

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Visit KM Hair Studio for a premium, healthy hair care. Partner with us to bring your style to life. We blend your inspiration with our artistry and experience to produce a look that’s uniquely yours. Experience big city, luxury treatment in an intimate Gresham, Oregon location.

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Complete with a hot aromatherapy towel, extended scalp massage, and hand massage.  Plus, take home a free 8oz treatment to continue at home.